Audience Reviews for Doors The Soft Parade: A Retrospective. There was nothing very informative about the review, just a strong opinion. The Soft Parade is the most controversial album The Doors ever made while Jim Morrison was alive. The weakest studio album recorded with Jim Morrison in the group, partially because their experiments with brass and strings on about half the tracks weren't entirely successful. Released 18 September 2012 on Elektra (catalog no. Morrison for the best voice in rock ever? Film Credits. Richie Unterberger, in his review of the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Soft Parade, noted "The centerpiece of these two bonus discs is 'Rock Is Dead,' an hour-long studio blues jam that has been heavily bootlegged but never released in this complete form. Part of Classic Rock Review’s celebration of the 45th anniversary of 1969 albums. Those two and Shaman’s Blues basically save this whole cd. Album Rating: 2.5COME ON COME ON COME ON NOW SUCK ME BABE. I think Soft Parade is one of the most underrated albums of the sixties. After the revolutionary impact of the band's first two LPs, The Doors and Strange Days , and the commercial consolidation of the band's popularity on the third, Waiting for the Sun , Soft Parade was perceived as a fall from grace. Out of curiosity, have you ever been considered for promotion before? However, this track is much different, an almost  child-like wonderland movement that goes through each distinct phrase until reaching the rock and soul-influenced final parts (“the best part of the trip”) Much like a true “parade” of an English fugue, the song morphs from Morrison’s a capella sermon-like intro to a Baroque ballad to a show tune-like section to the long rock outro, the music masterfully follows the flowing, stream of consciousness lyric. Album Rating: 2.0I strongly dislike it when films alter the actual history too much, you get a totally different view of The Doors when you watch the Stone film. Genres: Psychedelic Rock. Album Rating: 2.0The Doors have a very interesting history, I'm glad I chose to include parts of the documentary as a backstory in this. Touch Me, written by Krieger, gives the band their third Top 10 single. Some of the members have sadly passed but their music never dies. Light and beautiful, the orchestral arrangements on this song are finer than anywhere else especially due to the English horn lead by Champ Webb. The Soft Parade wasn’t the end of The Doors, but it was certainly the beginning of it. In many ways, this version of 'Soft Parade' is one of the most revealing of the '50th Anniversary' editions of The Doors catalogue. Report this review (#266928) Buy THE DOORS music online with PA partners; Show all THE DOORS MP3/Stream; Go to THE DOORS page for videos, full discography with ratings, reviews and much more; Go to The Soft Parade page for more details, where to buy and ratings/reviews; Search the Forum for THE DOORS related discussions Released 1 November 2019 on Rhino. In fact, while the year was harmful for the band’s career momentum, it may well have been the height of The Door’s creativity. Another Krieger composition, it has a distinctly Las Vegas feel to it and was allegedly derived from a blackjack phrase (“c’mon hit me babe, I am not afraid”). The Doors were in trouble musically and amongst the ranks, and their decision to release The Soft Parade only served to corroborate the idea that they did, in fact, care about the music. Despite the sour critical response, The Soft Parade reached #6 on the album charts and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with any other of the group’s studio albums. We have one more to review – Morrison Hotel – which we’ll do in either May or June during our look at 1970 albums. The song is also a light tribute to the late Otis Redding and was another non-charting single from The Soft Parade. I honestly don't know. “Do It” is much less potent lyrically but draws you in with its hard rock groove. Kreiger performs a whining guitar riff throughout and blues later solo while Densmore’s odd-measured drumming keeps the song interesting yet glued together, especially during his inventive fills. Disagree about Wild Child being the standout track though, but we all have our favourites. Please try again later. This is quite apart from stage showmanship, or even “drama.” The Doors are obviously more potent than ever. Producer Paul Rothchild decided to enhance the group’s sound with the inclusion of brass and string arrangements, which was off-putting to many rock purists but (in this reviewer’s opinion) made for very interesting fusion with Morrison’s poetry and subject matter. In the midst of all this came the release of their fourth album The Soft Parade, which contained a radically different sound for the Doors and faced harsh criticism because of it. The 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of The Doors ' The Soft Parade might well be reconfigured to a great degree without sacrificing its multi-configuration format. From these initial sessions came a very successful Top 5 single (“Touch Me”/”Wild Child” in December 1968). Regarding the band's debut album, it's nice to finally hear Light My Fire at the correct speed! The fourth single from the album, “Wishful Sinful” was a minor hit on the charts. Overall this cd can be very cheesy and if it were not for songs like Soft Parade and Wishful Sinful this would be much lower rated. Well, it was the inspiration to review their albums in the first place. Here, the quality of the band’s music is further displayed as the Doors concentrated on making great music despite the external distractions of 1969. The remainder of the first side features songs with only the four Doors members. “Whiskey, Mystics and Men” is similar to the track “My Wild Love” from the previous album Waiting for the Sun, but this time Morrison’s poetic chant is complemented by a full band arrangement led by Ray Manzarek‘s harpsichord. The group, which had been a top international pop/rock coming into the year, selling out venues such as New York’s Madison Square Garden, suddenly found themselves scrambling to get gigs. He had potentially so much more to offer. Hints of ‘Love’ on this LP. The Doors' self-titled debut album as well as The Soft Parade are the two 2007 remasters that are absolutely essential, along with the 2012 2-CD 40th anniversary release of L.A. Woman. Nag you are in serious need of a promotion, I dig Wild Child and Wishful/Sinful but point taken. Starring: The Doors. Drug may be a friend, but only for a very short time, Jim...nobody told you? I won't contest that but love the film...Val Kilmer did an amazing job on that. Krieger’s “Tell All the People” starts The Soft Parade with an intro of blistering horns which give way to a pleasant pop melody. Genre: Psychedelic Rock. Of course it isn't his fault the film could have been more accurate. Further evidence of this can be found in the recent release of outtakes of unfinished songs. Morrison’s vocals are doubled throughout, and often talk to each other on separate channels, giving the fuller meaning much to contemplate, especially after the hook section halfway through the song. The Soft Parade Stripped (Rsd 2020) [VINYL] The Doors (Artist) Format: Vinyl. With Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, Jim Morrison. As time has gone on in hind sight many people have come to know how special the Doors are. The exact meaning of these lyrics (and the song’s protagonist) has been debated for decades, ranging from Arthur Rimbau to Jesus Christ to Morrison himself. Buy The Soft Parade. Who's music holds up as well as the Doors from generation to generation? As an album, The Soft Parade is a delicious fusion of rock, jazz, blues, soul and even country, and this is not an exaggeration. R2 532122; CD). The Soft Parade, an Album by The Doors. EDIT: Oh yeah also pos'd, and I do agree that this is their weakest release. I find this LP had fewer fillers (if there is such a thing) . The Doors’ fourth studio album, The Soft Parade, became the band’s fourth straight top 10 album when it was released 50 years ago on July 18, 1969.Despite featuring one of the group’s biggest hits, “Touch Me,” it remains the most-polarizing record of The Doors ’ career thanks to the brass and string arrangements that embellish several tracks. It was and remains the Doors’ most controversial release. I think Jim was telling us about himself or what he thought in almost every song he wrote. The Doors The Soft Parade. Review by MrKite USER October 14th, 2006 | 29 replies. But I´d like to have got The Soft Parade song TV version well released. is one of my fav Doors song Your email address will not be published. Doesn´t need any changes. Album Rating: 2.0You're not missing much Hans, as should be clear enough from the review. Six LP’s all in quick succession – all incredible. Mon July 16, 2007, 06:00 AM CDT. btw, I think the Oliver Stone picture is that much better if you have a grasp on historical fact first....helps to temper the psychedelia. I think the writer was misguided. An unboxing and review of The Doors album The Soft Parade 50th Anniversary boxset 2019 If you enjoyed this unboxing, I also have a video for The Doors London Fog. But the song also contains perfectly melancholy vocals by Morrison and a stirring rhythm led by session bassist Harvey Brooks who masterfully works with Densmore to keep the rock core of this airy song. Directed by Ray Manzarek. The Soft Parade, an Album by The Doors. More to the point, though, this was their weakest set of material, low lights including filler like "Do It" and "Runnin' Blue," a strange bluegrass-soul blend that was a small hit. There are no featured audience reviews for Doors The Soft Parade: A Retrospective at this time. 1969 was a tumultuous year for the The Doors.The main incident which caused their collective headache happened in Miami in March when vocalist Jim Morrison was arrested for allegedly exposing himself during a concert. That beautiful baritone… Kreiger’s vocals on Runnin’ Blue remind me of something from The Simpsons – and always make me smile…The title track itself is so ‘happy’ and light in places…more like a compilation of unused song parts, but it’s clever and works well..a bit reminiscent of Leonard Cohen.The Doors left us with six wonderful LP’s that should never be overlooked or under-estimated. Review is a good read super Nag. Feel free to check it out. YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER Stand alone for me. A pretty big deal, if I may say so. I love the images the poetic lyrics create and the journey the song takes you on …, Your email address will not be published. The bonus material, such as 'Push Push' shows that even when they were jamming something out, their consummate musicality, and the sheere joy they seemed to get from playing as an ensemble really comes out. The Doors The Soft Parade (Elektra/Rhino) First Appeared in The Music Box, July 2007, Volume 14, #7. Their fourth album continued The Doors’ popularity, but was, despite its hit single and great sales, met with far less enthusiasm than their first three. The Soft Parade has long been the Doors' most under-valued album. Label: Elektra Release Date: -22273200 Buy: Amazon We’re committed to keeping our content free and accessible—meaning no paywalls or subscription fees—so if you like what we do, consider becoming a SLANT patron, or making a PayPal donation . Album Rating: 3.0In his case, alcohol = drug, Album Rating: 4.0Once again, good review but I disagree almost completely. The Soft Parade is the fourth studio album from American psych rock legends The Doors. The Soft parade is great as it is. This discog nicely condenses the backstory as well Nag, good on ya'. So unique and a breath of fresh air. Upon release, The Soft Parade was denounced by both music critics and the band's underground music scene followers, who viewed the album as the Doors' trending into popular music. edit; Not to mention these disastrous songs here and there...and here again. Music Reviews: The Soft Parade by The Doors released in 1969 via Elektra. Album Rating: 2.0I predicted exactly that comment Conor. The Soft Parade: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Rhino/Elektra) 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. It be fixed. Written by John Metzger. It sucked that he had a hard time in Paris and OD. Diehard fan forever. Alternately maddening and compelling, 'Rock Is Dead' is worth the price of admission. The Doors' fourth studio album, 1969’s The Soft Parade, is arguably their most underrated.Having exhausted all the tunes from their early club days in Los Angeles, the group started from scratch and experimented with orchestration beyond their unorthodox trio of organ, guitar and drums. ... Not really a bad review… The Soft Parade Lyrics: When I was back there in seminary school / There was a person there / Who put forth the proposition / That you can petition the Lord with prayer / Petition the lord with prayer Consequently, many … Kreiger’s “Runnin’ Blue” is a complete left turn and one of the strangest Doors songs ever (and that is saying something!). The Doors will include a trove of previously unreleased recordings on the upcoming 50th anniversary deluxe edition of their 1969 album, The Soft Parade, out October 18th. As the album itself is such a diverse musical adventure, it is only fitting that the concluding title song reflect this path to the extreme with its own adventurous mini-suite. The main incident which caused their collective headache happened in Miami in March  when vocalist Jim Morrison was arrested for allegedly exposing himself during a concert. Not only was I disappointed with Oliver Stone's version of The Doors, but so was former Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who acted as a consultant on the film.And because of his disappointment, Manzarek decided to go ahead and do his own portrait of The Doors and Jim Morrison, the result being The Doors: The Soft Parade - A Retrospective. Am I alone in thinking the Soft parade is 1 of the best Doors Songs , (definitely in my top 5 songs anyway) ? Nag, great stuff. Bands: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. The bouncy and light “Easy Ride” has an almost polka beat and feel, as a celebration of pure joy throughout with the song’s coda deviating slightly into a more rock-oriented journey during a long fade out. Overall, the song pulls the listener into a trance-like groove. A collage of vintage clips, interviews and musical performances by The Doors, mounted by Ray Manzarek and, among other things, showing Jim Morrison's charming side. Album Rating: 2.0Yeah, I do, and he really did a good job. Genres: Psychedelic Rock. Title tack is a bit self-indulgent, but what’s rock and roll without a little mad grandiosity now and then? Originally released as a ‘B Side’ of a single, “Who Scared You” is a good pop tune with a bluesy swing, some funky horn arrangements, and a cool solo by Krieger. Love all of the doors and Jim’s work. The Doors win best band. Required fields are marked *. Ray Manzarek is best musician. Tell all the people that you see/Follow me… With those words penned by bandmate Robbie Krieger, Jim Morrison invited listeners to the world of The Doors’ fourth studio album, The Soft Parade.Originally released on July 18, 1969, it was the fourth consecutive top ten smash for Messrs. Morrison, Krieger, Manzarek, and Densmore, but in the ensuing years it’s also become one of the … Though we are both classic rock nuts, our objectivity level differs a big deal. Review. Recording for the album began in November 1968. As Morrison struggled with substance abuse and erratic behavior, guitarist Robbie Kreiger stepped up and wrote half the material for the album including all four singles. The song is most interesting due to the sheer un-Doors-ness of the track in total and the climax at the end of the second verse with slight melodic variation and quick Kreiger solo. “Wild Child” is the best overall song on the album, despite its very succinct length of two and a half minutes. A few days after the album’s release, The Doors recorded a few concerts which would become the basis for their 1970 live album Absolutely Live as well future Doors collection. Album Rating: 2.0There ya go sputnik. Thanks, Dave. However I will concede Doors fanaticism on my part! Robby Krieger also commended him for his performance, despite that he thought the movie portrayed Morrison completely differently then he actually was.